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Park was nicknamed Cheitosu
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"Gross, gas."
 "Did you have lunch? Would you like a pizza?"
 "Hi, do you want to stay in this country for me?
 "Yeah, yeah, I'll have a pizza and a chicken."
 Sewon, who delivered pizza and chicken to the ward, began to sit down and sort out the pushed chart. I did not have time to go down to lunch, I ate pizza and chicken, which I had for my own sake. I got two more calls to the emergency room. I got down and got some tests.
 "Prepare for the rounds."
 Sungjong opened the door and shouted in front of the room. I threw a chart on each bed and checked the patient's condition. As time went on, professor and other residents came to the ward. When the internal chief saw the surname, he made a hand gesture.
 "Did you make your own rounds?"
 "Yes, Sam."
 "Did you identify the patient's condition?"
 "Yes, Sam."
 His eyes glare at his eyes, shining over his glasses. Sŏngjong slammed his gaze down to avoid eye contact with him.
 Internal medicine director Park Kyung Jin.
 Sŏngjong had unconsciously read the letters on his nameplate. A small ID photo had his face embedded in a few years younger than it is now. It was a picture that seemed to be taken a little.
 'It's a crap, the 자위용품 impression is the same as before.'
 "Let's turn."
 After the professor took the lead, the chiefs immediately followed by the third year, then the doctors dressed in white gowns, A professor asks around the second room.
 "How is this patient CBC count?"
 Professor and chief's gaze turned to her because she was a patient in charge of Sŏngjong. She quickly picked up a note.
 "RBC 450aks, hematocrit 48%, WBC 9,300."
 "Well, what about ESR?"
 "It's 19."
 "Did not you hear the heat?"
 Sotomo's chest, which did not mention the vital sign, fell down. But by the side who whispered small in her ears.
 "Fourth, thirty-seven are miserable."
 "There is a fever, and if you open it, you will notify."
 "Yes, professor."
 When everyone got out of the room, Sungjong smiled a self-laughing smile. When Sŏnjong made a mistake, he was skillfully helped from side to side. Somehow, when the professors disappeared after the rounds were finished, someone called her. A low voice that resonates uniquely, never confusing.
 "Kim Seonjong."
 "Yes, Chief Sam."
 Turning around, she was looking down at her from the very back when she was approaching. It was too close to see his face right away, and your neck was broken.
 'The keys are dirty too. What did this little kitten grow up to be? "
 "Do not look at the patient again. Do not look twice."
 "Do not go near the 콘돔파는곳 door nurse when you are on the roundabout.
 He just turned around and turned around. Suljong fell down on the station with the face of Kim Sang-soo, and Zhao knocked her shoulder and comforted her.
 "I wanted to see a lot of my chirops.
 "I can not live with my foolishness, what if you put the chocolate in the box, what's the point?"
 "Park Chief was awesome. His character was a little cold, so Kazi was good."
 "Hey, two, come on, Lying," he said in front of me.
 "It's not symmetrical, is not it true?"
 "No thanks?"
 Sŏng - jong came out of the station and went down to the turntable. When I pondered, the chief's words were not wrong. It was true that I had relied on Zyoung without knowing much, and it was right that I was so deliberate. I know what I am doing wrong, but I feel sorry for myself, and I feel sorry for myself. Sŏngjong took out his cell phone and sent a text to Zayoung.
 I was walking on the way and I got a reply soon.
  "Where is this place and put a chief foil!
 Last night, the first night of Park Jun-woo's practice in plastic surgeons, Sungjong screamed like a cheetah.
 "Park Jun-woo, I will eat 성인용품 one day!"
 Since then, Park was nicknamed Cheitosu. "The appearance of Junwoo" was a simple word between the three Musketeers, "Cheetus". When the anana self small whispered 'Cheetos', the heart of the sire was trembling and the radar automatically operated.
 Soon-woo, a plastic surgeon who makes such a beautiful smile, hurried to the dirty and unlucky internal and Park Kyung-jin chiefs, and Sul-jong was the cause of the game. Sewon drowned the chocolate in his left pocket. It 's already evening, but I wonder if I can deliver it today. Her shoulders, sighing and walking down the stairs, were shaking.
 As expected, I was busy 딜도파는곳 without seeing the whole evening. The order was pushed out, and after checking the patient's condition, the ninth hour was over. It was almost time for Park Jun-woo chief to leave the office this time. I did not know if it was the first year, but the fourth year could not stay until late. Eventually I could not give chocolate. It was because Suljong, who was busy enough to not eat dinner, had no time to snooze with other departments. Sungjong remained in the office, and Sewon sowed in front of the door.
 "I have not eaten rice yet, I have not given Chitos Chocolate, and I'm on duty tonight, huh!"

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