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trying to teach.
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If you thought it was not, you should not break it.

 I was annoyed and blown away without a word. Well, it's not the same again, is it?

"It is not."

쯧, clutched the tongue and closed the folder.

I do not have a bad luck in the morning.

 I am raising my body to open a visit to make a knife-neck. It comes back again.

It seems like my heart is falling down on a phone that is ringing nervously.

 Is it because of sin?

I do not know the number.

This time I wanted to do something, so I called to make an impression.


- What did you say.

It is frightening to pick up the phone, and the malicious question comes from the other side.

Fuck, I got it.

 Irritability is irritating - it burns as if it burns.

 Somewhat ridiculous in the harsh feelings.

A man with a low, polite voice called a wrong call to make a wrong call.

"I said," I'm not. "

As I said before, I had a revival in my voice and I am affectionately responding to it. Even though I am just on the phone, it seems to me that the man is angry.

It 's the one who catches it.

He got out of the room and got water in front of the water purifier.

 [Gulp] I put a cup of cool water and put down the cup.

Even during that long time, the man did not say a word.

 So I decided to go out of my way to be rude again.

It's not even between face balls anyway.

"If you do not say anything, I will quit."

I left the phone with a word for that.

큭큭큭 It looks pretty good.

It is strange that the pleasure comes up to the sound of the song, and once again, the phone rings with the [Toure Mausoleum, Toure Mausoleum].

 Well, that's surprisingly pretty.


- Hey

If the second currency was malicious, the man had a little fever about the third call.

 As soon as I received it, it was "Hey".

Phone manners are messed up.

Well, I am not in the same position, but I am.

 I'm so nervous.

If I did not receive the fact, I was getting a call from the man.

Anyway, I can not do anything special and I can not do anything special.


- Do you always take the wrong call like that?

What? Do not you think your manners are so polite? I'm trying to teach at all.

 I decided to try to touch my opponent's 시알리스 planting with a sneer at who is trying to teach.

"I do not like it because you do not understand it like a cub."

When I was deeply immersed in a cup of water, my neck was roughly cracked. I was just annoyed and said, "Unlike Wan, I feel like a friend.

 The freak came out.

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