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kiss that night
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By the time I arrived at the hospital, I had no words. I thought it was because of my brother, but he still hesitated.
 "Sorry. Did you feel bad because of your brother?"
 "Not much. I can misunderstand."
 It was unimaginable, but the real reason that calmed her down was her word, 'absolute'. Right now, Kyung-jin is not going to marry Seoljong, but it was different feelings to completely close the possibility. I wondered how far she looked at the relationship between the two. He was going to start today.
 "My brother is a little shy and brave. I don't know how much I've fought since childhood. Sam doesn't have a brother?"
 "I'm only son. No sister or sister."
 "like that."
 When Brother Woojong asked, he said that his mother had died, so that he had only his father at home. Then I would wait for the father, but it was a bit strange why he went home so late every day. But it was a little bit of asking about the house. But Jin-jin glanced at her and asked.
 "Kim, I'm curious about one thing."
 "Is your brother born on a rainy day?"
 Seol Jong nodded at the words.
 When Jin-jin smiles, her face turns red. The parents' naming sense is different, so the son born on a rainy day is Woojong, and the daughter born on a snowy day is called Seoljong. Fortunately, only two children, if you were born when the bell ringing bells or papers almost came out. As he neared the hospital, he pulled up a little away from the front door. Seoljong packs the main island bag, which he grabs her wrists.
 "Call me around 12 o'clock. Until then I'm always awake."
 In his words, the extinguisher could not say anything and blinked. Pastoral small and got off the car, but he did not move. It was a dark night so I thought I was going to see the hospital. Leaving his car, he trudged back to the hospital and the diarrhea was complicated. My head feels empty without thinking, and I feel dizzy as if it's going to burst out with miscellaneous thoughts. It was a contradiction, but she felt it.
 Standing in front of the hospital lobby door, Seoljong turned around to see the dark cityscape. Only after Seoljong arrived safely in the lobby, Jin's car began to move slowly. There was an unknown wind in her heart that saw a black car running through the front door.

 Deep in the night, Jong-jong was lying in bed wearing a t-shirt that Kyung-jin gave him. It's right to give back, but somehow it's bothersome. I thought it would be men's clothes, but it was comfortable and nice to wear.
 Looked at the clock 12:01. Seoljong was constantly touching the phone. Turn around, turn around, watch the clock again at 12 o'clock. I was so proud of my 12 o'clock call for 12 xing. I didn't know what hurt my pride, but I did anyway. So she did not call on purpose.
 Last time, the right chance to bounce as he decided. The better the chief, the tighter the clothing had to hold. A woman who is unconditionally good is unattractive. Suddenly held up, and after an unbearably long time, it was only 12:04 when Jong-soo slowly opened the cell phone folder. It wasn't usually difficult to bounce properly. It was just 4 minutes but it was like 4 hours.
 Torre, Torre's signal lasted a long time, but Kyung Jin did not answer.
 [I can't answer the phone .........]
 It was annoying to hear the girl's voice of 40 million people. Dropped the folder, turned off the phone, and Jong-sook sat up with a lumpy face. Did he fall asleep four minutes late? It seemed like it was just a matter of what it was like to 'bounce' it. The next time she decided to bounce for only three minutes, her phone ringed. The sound of breaking the silence was alarming enough to shake the body.
 "It's a surprise!"
 When I look at the LCD, it's a Gatorade. Seoljong coughed so much that he polished his voice and answered the phone. Her mouth was full of smiles.
 [Why don't you call me?]
 His voice heard through the phone had another ring. Kyung-in's voice leaned to bed at night and went to his ear like a lullaby.
 "I do not receive, I want to sleep."
 [I'm trying to get it.
 Every time his low, soft voice came through, the chest of the swelling rose slightly. She laid her head on the bed pillow and laid it flat.
 "Have you ever heard a good voice?"
 There was no words across the phone. If you think about it, you may have noticed that he was angry, but nowadays, I started to understand Park Kyung-jin.
 [.......a little.]
 Seoljong couldn't make a sound and laughed loudly. I thought it was cute that the big man was so shy.
 "Hey, I have a favor."
 "It's a medical dinner next week."
 Seoljong looked sullenly and looked at the phone. What do you say when you say this?
 "At that time, can't you sing a karaoke dance while dancing? Fuhahaha!"
 Again the silence was silent. She laughed loudly and suddenly stopped laughing. This silence was a bit of an image.
 "I'm angry?"
 [Not to you, Dong-wook.]
 "Why. Don't do it. Actually, I heard that talk, I'm so ignorant, how nice it would be if you could see Sam doing the ten minutes."
 He listened quietly to the bell and he sighed low.
 [Sad sad past. I don't want to look back, and I want to cut it out of my life if I can.]
 When Jin-jin was fed up, the extinguish pointed out the lips. So close. But I hate that, I could not help it. Then you have to compromise.
 "Well, please sing another song once. You know you're really good at singing Sam. I want to hear you die. Yes? Yes?"
 As the sloppy shook his head, he hesitated a bit and answered.
 [Looking at]
 Nevertheless, I was happy that I pulled out such an answer. Then he lay down.
 "Thank you. Now I'll sleep. Good night."
 "Ay, if I overslept, I can't get ready for rounds tomorrow. Then you'll just scold?"
 [......okay. Good night.]
 So Jong Jong hung up. She lay down on her bedside, lying down with a happy face. Somehow, I couldn't sleep and smiled so much and Seoljong shook my mouth with a pillow.
 "Aying! I have to bounce, but it's hard!
 One of the women who decided firmly that the chief would never accept the chopped rice cakes will melt like snow in the spring, and she will sleep with the tickling breasts in the first waters of love.
 So Jong-smooth fell asleep, but Jin-jin's face was full of regret when he sat on the sofa of his apartment. There was a strong regret in his eyes, looking down at the small phone in the palm of his hand. I wanted to talk and talk all night, but I had to put up with her. Whoever said, the extinction was having the hardest time.
 "You'll be patient but ............"
 Jing, who was muttering small, turned around and looked out of the dark window. A large white hospital building overlooking the dark windows. There she was asleep. The thought softened his mouth. How long will it be to enjoy this full happiness? Isn't it the first time since his beloved mother died that winter?
 In the morning conference, before the lawmakers came in, Hanga and Seolji sat in front and sat side by side. Whenever each person came to the front door, the heart of the snow was pounding, and his eyes kept turning towards him. I'm waiting for the competition to come. These days, I remembered that I had kissed Kyung-jin. Dozens of times, hundreds more times, the moment revived, bringing the face up.
 At that time, the door opened and Kyungjin suddenly entered. When I confirmed him tall enough to be clearly distinguished from others, the heart of the snow was hot. He did not enter the conference room, but looked at the person sitting at the door. When he leaned his head and shook his head, he met his eyes in front of him. When Kyung-jin, who finally found her at the back, walked up and sat down next to her, the pupils of snow extinction widened.
 'You're going crazy, what do you mean if you're caught by other people?'
 He was sitting next to him, but inside was good, but other people might notice, he was afraid of the phenomena. When the professors arrived and the conference began, he tried to concentrate on the presentation, forgetting that he was sitting next to him. He also sat quietly next to him, recording something, listening intently to see if he wanted to disturb her.
 After a presentation, everyone 천안출장안마 was cluttered from their seats and he secretly held something in her hand. It was a small shopping bag. Jing handed it to her without saying a word and left the classroom without looking back. It was so fast that I didn't even notice Hanga who was on the other side. Seoljong concealed the shopping bags slightly on the desk. I was going to sneak up later and tear it off.
 I wondered what was in it throughout the round, but I had to endure the extinction. In front of me, the back of him walking just behind the professor, I keep seeing new things these days. If I hadn't had such a hot kiss that night, I wouldn't have imagined someone with a passion that was so deeply captured in that calm image.
 After the round, she went to the conference room, telling her that she had received a call that she had not received.
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