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Called her.
 "Kim teacher. Come here."
 "Yes, professor."
 Professor Bae had a dazzling appearance with red eyes, but he spoke calmly.
 "I told you to put up a meal in the next room, I'll eat it, and I'll tell my nephew to drive Kim to the hospital when it's over."
 "No, it's okay, professor. You can take a taxi."
 "No, it's dangerous late at night and I shouldn't be sorry. Listen."
 He knocked on her shoulder and entered the room. Seoljong standing in the yard squatting alone watched the clock. It's already past 11 o'clock. I was hesitant and pulled out the phone.
 [where are you?]
 "Professor Bae's house, I have to wait."
 "Says when you give me a ride. Ambulance article happens to happen first."
 [wait. I will go now.]
 "Yes? Sam! Sam!"
 Seoljong did not hear the answer properly, and hung his shoulders more foolishly. It was true that the burden came before this night on purpose. I seemed to be worried about someone busy with Uijeongil.
 As the taste of food was not good, Dong-mae, who was serving food, came to a creek in front of the road across the yard. The frolic frog stopped abruptly and quieted down. At night it was hard to see, but I reached out and immersed myself in cold water. The country's fresh and clean air filled my heart. I was playing with water at my fingertips, and suddenly my phone rang. It was a struggle.
 [arrived. Say goodbye and I come down the road. I'll wait in front of the elementary school.
 "How did you find it?"
 [Find the address and navigate to navigation.]
 It was also a tight contest. Suddenly I asked the hospital to find out the patient's address. Seoljong came down the street after telling Professor Bae that there was someone to pick up. A familiar sedan stood up before him, and a man stood by and waited for her. The moment I saw his black silhouette shining in the dark, a strange feeling swelled like a balloon.
 'He's really tall.'
 His tall stature, which was once burdensome, seemed very reliably and wonderfully now. Discovering her and seeing her walked around, the heart of the extinction began to thump.
 'Good ........ look at one.'
 At that moment she was able to realize her heart more surely than ever before. The only person I wanted to meet in this darkness was that man, and Park Kyung-jin was a man I could trust unconditionally. There was crazy thoughts about it, and my heart became hot like tears in my eyes. He came close to her and lifted her arm over her shoulder.
 Seol walked quietly as he led. His body temperature, determined from his shoulders, was exceptionally hot.
 Kyung-jin, sitting in the driver's seat, grabbed the passenger seat with his right arm, leaned back and stared back. His long finger, winding his handle with his left hand, danced round. Looking back, Kyung-jin's body leaned toward the tongue. His jaw and his neckline came in front of the snow of the snowman who turned his head unintentionally.
 'Cool ..... that's it!'
 The scent of the man full of the car and his movement felt right next to him couldn't bear it. Suddenly, with a glance over his shirt, the skin on his chest made her feel more excited. In the car slowly driving down the dark night road, both of them were silent. Kyung-jin, who had been silent for a while, pulled her car off the sidewalk.
 "Let's go have a cup of coffee."
 When I woke up, it was a rest area. While drinking Jinjin's coffee, he slowly turned his head to see him.
 He asked in a suspicious way, but the snowman laughed shyly.
 "Why are you laughing like that?"
 He urged again but she did not answer. I hesitated for a while and finally opened my mouth.
 "Thank you."
 "Pick me up."
 In response to her answer, Jinjin laughed, reached out, put her on the shoulder of the snow, and stroked him. Strangely she must have been a sweet and kind gesture with no desire, but strangely she became as excited as her body boiled. However, not knowing the changes in the snow, Kyung-jin started to move the car inadvertently. Like this, I was just going to Seoul.
 "Say it."
 He looked out the window and replied.
 "Can we kiss you one more time?"
 Chiki profit!
 The moment her words came out, the car stopped suddenly, and the body of the extinction leaned forward. As she was startled, she stared at him but Jing was hard and silent. His tight mouth and jaw seemed so angry that he could hardly say anything. I regretted that even though it seemed like I said that, Kyung-jin nervously wound up the steering wheel and started the car again.
 'Ah, crazy years. I'll just be patient. What do you say? '
 I crumbled myself, who couldn't beat the lust for a while and made a bullshit, and, oddly, I found the car gradually getting off the road into the corner of the forest. As she glanced at the puzzled eyes, he pulled 포항마사지 over and pushed the gear forward roughly.
 "Sam, why ..... Aw!"
 Even before Seoljong finished speaking, Jin's right arm wrapped around her back. When he lifted her up with her tight arms and sat on my thigh, the extinction swallowed a small scream. His right hand hurried up, touched her cheek and brought her face closer to her eyes. The heart of the extinction started beating fast in the hot breath of a man pushed away in a flash. When he realized he wanted to kiss again, he felt a subtle satisfaction.
 Indeed, her eyes were closed to her lips with incredibly smooth and intense severity. A rough breath leaked through his slightly open lips. As soon as the lips touched each other, the flames rose between them. The two heads slightly bent to the right, and each other became closer together.
 His hot tongue slipped out and quickly slipped between the lips of the extinction. As she tangled up with her tongue, she began to feel dazed. Her body's body temperature rose on his own breath and passion. His hand lowered to the waist of the ulcer and pulled the hem of the blouse. The extermination began to tense up with the help of a rough man who stiffened towards the skin. Suddenly, when she noticed something hard coming from her thigh, an electric shock spread through her legs.
 Finally his hot hands stroked her stomach past her waist. His carefully raised hand wandered on the bra of the extinction. Kyung-jin's breath became so harsh that she sucked her tongue and saliva intently. His hand hovering over his bra now penetrated it.
 Seoljong tried to pull back but his other arm held her tight. As his hand came out and began to unbutton her blouse, he shook his head.
 "A little bit, little bit."
 Low and rough he whispered. The fact that he was so hotly excited that it was hard to restrain added to her pleasure and loosened her boundaries. In an instant, he unbuttoned his bra and his hands began to caress her bare breasts. The big hand sensibly sweeps the smooth and elastic breast. Pinch your fingers as you squeeze and pull your chest, and the next moment, the palm of your hand squeezes the nipples soaring in your palm. Every time his hand moved, the waist of the swelling wriggled.
 When Jong-il unconsciously shed a small moan, Jin-jin's rough lips approached her neck. He felt his hot lips wandering between his neck and chest, his intense erections revealing more and more of reality, and the extinction was far from pleasant. But the next moment, as his hand descended, stroking her groin on her pants, she glanced and shrank.
 "stop it."
 When Seoljong firmly blocked his hands with both hands, Kyung-jin stopped moving. His eyes were full of unsatisfied cravings, but he did not go further to the rejection of the event. He spread his arms out and embraced her tightly in my chest.
 "Let's stay like this for a while."
 Jin's soft whisper penetrated the ear. Seoljong reclined head in his arms like a child. His hand, large enough to cover the back of his back, warmly swung her waist and back. He raises her chin and raises her head, then rubs her cheeks with warm cheeks. Then he kissed his forehead and his nose and kissed each other while sharing a breath. In his intimate and unintentional gesture, he felt the illusion that his heart melted softly.
 After a while, Jin raised her hand and silently filled her button. Although he tried to refrain, he shook his head and corrected her way with meticulous and meticulous hand. He kissed warmly on his forehead and kissed him.
 "Are you tired? Come on. I'll wake you up."
 As he felt his hand stroking his hair, the snowman laughed. This guy is really good.

 At lunchtime, Seoljong eats at a restaurant, where Dong-wook sits in front.
 "Uh, Sam! Have a meal."
 "Uh, yes."
 I sat with Dong-wook and talked about Doran-do, and the smile of the federal snow extinction was made. Dong-wook, who had a good sense of humor, was a good fit with a bright personality. Suddenly, Dong-wook looked around and lowered her head and asked her to lower her voice.
 "Jeongjin's face on the fort is going well, is it going well?"
 The snow bell blinks at the end of that word.

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